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l am Tabi Pauline from Cameroon (West  and Central Africa). I have a Bachelor's degree in English Language and a Masters degree in Event and Advertising Communication. I also have a diploma in Music Theory.I am a teacher of English Language, Literature in English and Music Theory . 

I have 16 years of teaching experience and it has been 16 good years of total fulfilment, since it is my passion, plus teaching is a noble profession. It feels good to pick up a learner who is completely empty as far as the subject is concerned and by the end of the course the learner is able to recommend you to another. 

I have taught Students at secondary and high school levels, first and second year students of the university and even business owners who are taking English language as their second language.

My teaching method is the Competence Based Approach which puts the learner at the center of any teaching and learning process. 

I  also teach Music Theory.  Here students get the opportunity to learn the theories of sheet music and afterwards do the practical part, which is application of knowledge - Sight-reading of Sheet Music. 

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