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Hi, my name is Nathan Pinkney. I was born and raised on the westside of Chicago but live in Las Vegas Nevada. I am a Air Force Veteran who was stationed in North Dakota and Germany. I retired as a Juvenile Probation and went back to school where I obtained my Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I was also a Teacher in the Chicago Public School system and really enjoy facilitating learning. I think of myself as the quintessential Computer Scientist. I think it is  so much fun doing experiments and even creating something brand new with computers. I have been curious about computers even before I was a teen. Now, as a young at heart grandfather I am still fascinated with all things about computers from A.I. To Zuckerberg. I have been enlightened recently to new knowledge from Egypt, hieroglyphics, Rastafarianism, and CRT. I seek to incorporate Computer Science with these new subjects.

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