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Hi, I’m Kate. I’m from London, England. I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. As you can see from my photo, I’m not young! In fact, I’ve got some wrinkles. But the positive thing about that is - I’ve got lots of experience in life and in work.


I left London when I was 23 years old and went to live in the Netherlands. I studied at the British Council and got my teaching certificate. My first teaching job was with Dutch girls who wanted to work in the tourist industry. After that I left Europe and worked in Turkey for a year at a bilingual college. When I went back to Europe, I ended up in Paris and started teaching in companies. I met my (first) husband and later we decided to go and work in Japan. We started off in a small town near Hiroshima and later went to Tokyo. In those days nobody knew much about Japanese culture so everything was very new and exciting; the food, the baths, karaoke.


After a few years we went back to France and opened our own language school. We taught people who worked in companies in the north of France. Our daughter was born there and went to school there. After 10 years I got divorced and my daughter and I decided to live in Scotland. It can be very cold there and we often couldn’t leave the house because there was so much snow. While my daughter was at school I taught professionals in the oil industry, went back to university and prepared foreign students for university courses. I also got married again.


In 2010 I got an offer to run a training centre in Qatar, so I took it. I spent 12 years there. My husband and my daughter joined me. I did my Master’s in Psychology and started writing assignments and doing research for students and people at work. Last year my husband and I came to Morocco where we have a small house. We rescued some dogs and cats in Qatar and brought them with us. Now I do all my work online, tutoring and writing.


I always try to encourage people to reach their maximum potential and will do the same for you. My students have been promoted, supported their company to get new business, been admitted to their choice of university, got high marks in their academic work and exams and many more achievements. 

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