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I am Fatima Akbar, a passionate Science explorer and an Online Science Tutor.  I am from Pakistan.  I completed Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry. Biology and Chemistry are my most favorite subjects to teach.  Teaching Students around the globe is my passion I love to teach Science, Biology, Chemistry.  I have 7 years of Teaching experience.  I have great communication skills, I am a very calm and patient personality I listen to my students and try to solve their problems.  I am the Teacher who always listen to students and clear their concepts and issues related to their subjects.  I have taught in many schools and in institutes as a Biology ,Chemistry and science teacher.  I help my students to achieve their goals.  I think that Education is very important and a very beautiful thing that you can give to somebody.


I have also tutored at many online platform like TutorsInc, My Tutor source, Tutors Inn etc. and as a private online tutor as well.  I am currently tutoring Online in UK, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan.  I am teaching many International curriculums like Cambridge, Igcse, O and A Levels and K-12.

I love to do research related work of science especially Biochemical Researches and I love to gather Information about latest experimentations related to science, Biology, Chemistry.

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