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Hello! My name is Catherine and I am an English Language Teacher from Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been teaching children and adults for five years in several different countries. I’ve taught in the US, Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, and Mexico! For me the most important thing in language is expression, and I love helping people express themselves with new words and ideas.

In addition to English teaching, I have a Bachelor and Masters in History and Cultural Urban Anthropology. My research focuses on cities and ethnicity, specially how migrants in new places form communities and flourish. I’ve done work in Detroit, Dublin, Ireland, and London, England. I am starting my PhD in the Fall of 2023 to continue my research. I love teaching Anthropology, it’s the foundation of who we are and what connects us to one another. 

In my free time I also write short stories and make music, so I definitely have an interest in creativity and the arts, and love talking about them both.

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