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I am a former Boy Scout and a US Air Force Veteran.  Have been a Professional Massage Therapist for 30 years.

My time as a Scout and a Scout Leader has made me appreciate the beautiful lessons in helping others.

In building Africans Supporting Africans Corp.  I am trying to honor God by being a Servant in doing what he wants and being the person He wants me to be. 

E. Lamar Callahan Sr., Founder


Dylan Adamowicz, Director

A loving son, brother, godfather, passionate music lover, and former DJ that has always lived his life in style surrounded by entertainment. He is currently either vlogging with family and friends, writing/recording music, or tending to his pet chihuahua for some much needed affection.

CEO and Founder of infinitdeesigns for over 10 years, pushing the envelope to stay on trend by incorporating the most sophisticated and cutting edge solutions are just one of Dylan’s many skill sets. With an extensive background in website design, video editing, graphic design, digital signage and contributing a distinctive appeal that fits clients’ expectations is what Dylan is extremely passionate about. Having been involved with numerous assignments, serving clients such as Nike, Under Armour, Delta Airlines, Porsche, ESPN, Netflix, Macy’s, The NBA, AT&T, BET, Canada Dry, Ford, Best Buy, Reebok, and Hulu, he is always pushing ingenuity to the next level. Whether it’s in the sky or on the ground, nothing is impossible for him to achieve, even if it means getting his hands dirty.


Domasha K. Beavers, Director

Domasha K. Beavers, owner of Zip Mouth Motivation LLC. And Tikia Divine LLC. A native of Florida, Pinellas County. Zip Mouth Motivation LLC, in Shorter, Alabama. Tikia Divine LLC, Built in Florida in 2022. Domasha is a Mindset Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Wellness guru. 

Domasha has a Masters in Higher education and loves to feed the community's knowledge. Her primary focus is total body support, Mind, Body, and Spirit. She is a single mother of two boys, and her target audience is African American Community. In 2018, Domasha wrote a short guide to promote the change in others called "Building on The Wrong Foundation." In this guide, Domasha talks about trials and shifts in mindset. 

This young lady is a powerhouse in networking and bringing people together. Currently, she is broadcasting her podcast Zipmouth Motivation, Fresh Insight/ New Perspective with Dr. Cierra D, and new venture Secure Exchange with Nicole Le'ha. Domasha is the educational director for Africa's Supporting Africans and continues to grow in the community. 

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